Strony responsywne - przyjazna dla użytkownika i korzystna dla SEO

Responsive websites

Strony responsywne

At present the majority of our clients expect their new website to be responsive.
We can say that their expectations are fully justified.

Thanks to responsive design the website can be displayed well on a smaller screen e.g. of a smartphone or a tablet without a negative effect on the website components. As mobile devices are more and more widely used, it is crucial to have a website that behaves properly on various equipment.

The key to your website’s success is designing the website in a way which will let it keep its functionality and optimal presentation of content irrespective of the type of device.

We will design and develop a website which will not only be attractive to the eye but , first of all, fully functional and your clients will surely appreciate it.


Responsive website is:

  • User friendly – as responsive website adjusts to every device, it is fully functional and easy to use
  • Cost-effective – designing one website (instead of 2 or 3 different versions) guarantees that the costs are lower while the optimal functionality remains unchanged
  • Good for SEO – with only one page to index, responsive websites are easier for Google to go through and index. Moreover, Google rewards websites offering better UX and this is exactly what a responsive website achieves
  • Makes everything easier – from SEO campaigns to monitoring various website versions, responsiveness ensures minimalism making user experience far easier