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Website design and development

Tworzymy funkcjonalne oraz atrakcyjne wizualnie strony internetowe. Kompleksowe tworzenie witryn internetowych to nasza specjalność – od rozmowy z Klientem i ustalenia jego potrzeb, przez projekt graficzny, do finalnego produktu.

Website design and development

We design websites based on the highest standards and latest technologies. We closely work with our clients at every stage of the web design and development process to make sure that the final solution we deliver fully matches the company needs and their image. We provide comprehensive service of the project and inform you about the best hosting solutions. Competitive prices guaranteed.

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • The highest standards
  • The latest trends

We provide comprehensive solutions in web design and development in line with the highest standards and trends.

We place a great emphasis on functionality, ease of finding information, intuitive menu and logic of content presentation

We make:

  • Websites
  • Company websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMSs)
  • Social networking websites
  • Web portals
  • Online shops
  • Web applications

What makes our projects special:

  • Intuitiveness of the navigation system and logic of content presentation
  • Modern and functional graphic design
  • Search Engine Optimisation of the code, graphics and content
  • Compliance with standards
  • They display properly in popular browsers
  • Intuitive and effective CMS
  • Consulting and training

We use customized CMSs but also specialize in implementing websites based on Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

System CMS - WordPress

System CMS - Joomla

System CMS - Drupal

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Stages of web design and development



Technical support


Identifying needs

Collecting information is the first stage of designing a website. It is a crucial point. When you make a website you need to take a lot of things into account. Full understating of how the company or institution operates is essential. Joint consultations aim at setting major goals for the new website. We identify the needs of our client and those of target users.


Developing the concept of the website and its usability

Information gathered during the first stage is the result of the client’s expectations and our suggestions. We create initial mockups, a logical layout and a sitemap. Then we work on a graphic design of homepage and crucial webpages as well as functional elements.


Preparing the graphic design

Based on the collected information, initial assumptions concerning the layout and graphic design of the website we determine how the website is supposed to look in the end. The project must have the agreed logical layout, clear navigation system and elements of visual identification of the company or institution.


Developing a website and implementing CMS

When the graphic design and layout of the website are approved we prepare particular modules and templates which will ultimately be used in CMS. While making a website we also implement elements related to proper website optimisation in compliance with standards of the Web and their positioning in search engines.


Testing the website correctness and accessibility

As early on as during the development stage we check the website for potential errors. Additionally, at the testing stage we put the whole service through a verification process once again to eliminate the greatest number of problems which might affect the way the finished website operates in the end. It is a very important stage as we analyze the whole website to determine if it displays well in the most popular browsers (IE, Edge, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari), operational systems and on mobile devices.


Publishing the website in the server

It is one of the final stages of creating a website. The finished and verified website is installed on the production server. In addition, we undertake activities connected with securing the website. At this stage we also install extra tools which will enable you to monitor your website and follow the progress of indexation in search engines.


Corrections and additional services

When we stop working on a website, potential corrections are made and the website implemented we provide professional training in Content Management System (CMS) and technical support.  We offer a guarantee package for every website made. It means constant technical assistance and, if requested, consultations regarding  potential development of your website.